Whats Going On In Game!?

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    Welcome to the Town Crier!
    This page is intended to keep the players up to date on whats currently going on in game,
    think of it as a newspaper! *More Coming Soon*

    Categories: More info will come available in these categories as we move forward.
    Official Events - Player Events - Active Establishments - Heritage Live Streaming - Role-Playing - Seasons


    You can find out more about Seasons Here
    Highlights: Season 2 is in Full Effect! *3/10/19*
    We are just entering Season 2 (Or Spring Season) on Heritage! What does that mean? well currently it means
    BLACKTHORN'S DUNGEON! And im more than sure we will be hearing about the "Spring Festival" Soon!
    Below are more details on season 2!

    Hertitage Season 2 (Spring)

    Blackthorn's Dungeon
    From March to May players will be able to access Blackthorn's Dungeon.
    This dungeon allows you to collect Minax artifacts to turn in at the entrance for powerful rewards.
    Almost all of these rewards can be obtained in other ways through the year like by doing Community
    Collections and Peerless Rewards = http://www.uoguide.com/Blackthorn_Artifact



    Highlights: Vice Vrs Virtue *3/10/19*
    VvV Is quite active at this time! See the Guilds, Organized Chaos (OC) & Fear The Wabbit (FTW)
    in game for more information. Find the one that matches your play style and pop in for some PvP action.
    Learn more about the Vice Vrs. Virtue system here: Source Heritage Wiki Source Official UO Wiki



    Highlights: !Shop Of The Week! *3/10/19*
    La Villa De Bellas Artes Vendors! Proprietor, Lady Brosephine
    La Villa De Bellas Artes provides a wide range of goods, every player needs.. Solen, Spellbooks,
    Power-Scrolls, & More. Her shop also includes the largest collection of Dye Tubs for public use.

    Click here to visit her shop's page here on the wiki!
    You can find La Villa De Bellas Artes In the North West Corner of Luna, Malas.


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