Vice Vrs. Virtue

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    Changes to VvV when compared to a standard shard:

    VvV Changes
    • Vice Vs Virtue combat will be active on all facets.
    • Entering the region of an active VvV battle will flag any VvV as combat restricted (Heat Of Battle) which will prevent recalling / gating away.
    • Silver gained during a VvV battle, while uncontested (no opposing VvV players in the region) will reduce silver by 50%.
    • Non VvV players who flag VvV will now only remain flagged for 10 minutes (down from 30). Remember assisting or fighting VvV in any way will restart this timer.
    • If a Non VvV player flags VvV in one facet but then travels to another it will now clear them of being flagged for VvV.
      • Remember you can not travel when Heat of Battle if active.
    • Some VvV rewards have had their prices increased.
    • VvV equipment will now spawn as BRITTLE instead of Antique and have 75/75 durability.
      • Brittle does not make items decay quicker. Instead these items are = to Replica items obtained from champion spawns and simply just can not have Powder Of Fortification applied to them.
    • VvV mounts and Essence of Courage have been removed.
    • Players can now purchase VvV Ethereal Horses and Ostards for 15,000 silver.
      • These Ethereals come Blessed.
      • Can only be used while you are in VvV and are Owner restricted.
      • Provide a 5% PvM damage reduction bonus, while mounted.
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