Staff Interactions on UO Heritage

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  • How the Staff of Heritage will interact with the players has been outlined below.

    Heritage Staff is strictly here to patch and fix bugs / exploits, enforce the rules (, and answer basic game play questions.

    We will not get involved with basic player disputes. Part of what makes UO Heritage fair is our hands off approach.

    If we help Johnny today because Bob lured a monster and then Sally needs help tomorrow with the same issue, but we do not help because we are busy then it seems like we are playing favorites and bending the rules for certain players. So how do we simplify this? You are on your own! Forge your own destiny and surround yourself with good players to defend against the bad.

    Part of what makes UO so awesome is the lack of control sometimes. This is not going to turn into a "Police State". If players find overly aggressive ways or they exploit mechanics to harass other players then staff do reserve the right to intervene.

    Heritage and UO are hobbies. This is not my job, it does not pay my bills or feed my family. The staff here does not work for you in any capacity. I run this server because I enjoy UO and I want to see it survive for another 20+ years.

    So to clarify again:

    Staff WILL
    - Assist you, when available, if you are stuck.
    - Answer any game play questions or clarify rules.
    - Work as fast as possible to resolve any bugs or exploits.
    - Make sure game mechanics and systems are working as intended.
    - Modify rules accordingly as the environment and community evolve.
    - Enforce the clearly defined rules. (we will not look for grey space and if we need to modify the rules we will)

    Staff WILL NOT
    - Change game play or mechanics based on your "feelings".
    - Hand out items or set Skills, regardless of the situation, unless during a specified promotion or event.
    - Get involved with player disputes.
    - Heritage staff members (above Counselor) are also prohibited from actually playing on Heritage.
    • Staff members who are on as players will be clearly marked and are only doing so to test game play mechanics or systems.