Starlight Tower Rune Library

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    The Starlight Tower Rune-library & Magic Shop
    Home of the Mr. FiXiT Repair Shop, Rosie's Magic & Dye Shop, & more.

    If a moongate cant get you there, check "The Starlight Tower Rune-library, Next!

    The Startlight Tower Rune-library is the Largest Rune-Library on the server. We house over 60 Runebooks & Runic Atlas's with marked runes to locations all over the lands of Sosaria. We also have a Moon Stone Crystal, that will teleport players to various locations in Eodon, and a Serpents Jaw bone, that teleports the player to various Ilshenar locations. We also sell pre-marked Runic Atlas's @ Rosie's Rune Shop, Dyes, Repairs, Rares & More.

    You can find the Starlight Tower Rune-library in North-East Luna, Malas


    1. Cities, Towns, Islands, LL Entrances & Shrines
    2. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    3. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    4. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    5. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    6. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    7. City NPCs in detail A-Z
    8. City NPCs in detail A-Z, New Haven Quest Guide
    9. The Gargish Lands Of Ter Mur
    10. Tokuno Islands
    11. Malas
    12. Restricted Section, Books For Sale (Display) Explorer's Guide Volumes 1-4
    13. Restricted Section, Books For Sale (Display) NPC Shops Volumes 1-4
    14. Quests Quests Quests

    1. Trammel Dungeons & Hunting Spots
    2. House Teleporter to Serenity Ranch
    3. Serpents Jaw Bone (Teleports To Ilshenar) UoGuide
    4. Moonstone Crystal (Teleports Yo Eodan) UoGuide
    5. Trammel In Detail (Including Lost Lands) Points Of Interests & Regional
    6. !!Trammel Bestiary Coming Soon!!
    Current Pre-Marked Runic Atlas's For Sale:

    Explorer's Guide:

    Volume 1: World Cities Towns & Shrines
    Volume 2: Dungeons & Hunting Spots
    Volume 3: Felucca Cities, Towns & Shrines
    Volume 4: Handbook To City Loyalty

    NPC Shops:
    Volume 1: Alchemist, Mage & Scribe Shops
    Volume 2: Carpenters, Tinkers & Smithys
    Volume 3: Provisioners, Bowcrafters & Fletchers
    Volume 4: Tailors, Taverns & Bakers

    More locations coming soon! Check back frequently for updates! Cya In Game!

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