Player Vendors

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    Player vendors allow players to set up shop in their house, and sell goods to other players! To get started with your own vendor, you will need to own a house! Then go see an Innkeeper to buy a 'Contract Of Employment" Take the contract to your house, stand where you want the vendor to be, and double click the contract, and an NPC will appear. If double click your vendor you will get a window that looks like this:


    Vendoring Menu:
    1. See Goods: Will open the vendors backpack and allow you to place items in it to sell, drop the item in, it will ask for a price (You have 1 minute to set a price or the game will auto price it at 999gp.
    2. Customize: This option will open a window allowing you to change the sex, hair & color of your vendor.
    3. Rename Shop: This option allows you to change the 2nd line of text displayed above the vendors head.
    4. Rename Vendor: This option allow you to change the 1st line of text displayed above the vendors head.
    5. Open Paperdoll: This option allows you to dress the NPC any way you wish. Just drag and drop the clothing on him, as if it were your own paper-doll
    6. Collect Gold: Self Explanatory, click the arrow, and it will ask how much, then the gold will be deposited in your bank account.
    7. Dismiss Vendor: This allows you to fire the vendor, he will disappear, and all clothing on him will drop to a bag where the vendor was.
    Pro Tip: to make your vendor face a specific direction, stand where you would like your vendor to look, open the customize menu, then close it, and the vendor will turn to face you!


    Pro Tip: Vendor Search! Find yourself a safe logout location and single click your player character, you will get this context menu, click Vendor Search, and you'll get a gump that will allow you to search every vendor on the server, click "Get Map" and a map will drop in your pack showing you the location of the vendor selling the item you wish to buy!

    *Heritage Custom*
    On most servers, the NPC will charge a fee everyday, based on the gold value of the items in his pack, on Heritage this has been changed to promote vendor use! Player vendors only charge 12gp per real day, regardless of how much stuff they have for sale. To pay your vendor, just drag and drop a pile of gold onto him, 5000gp will last you a few months.. Now you are ready to start making money while you are offline! Good Luck!


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