La Villa De Bellas Artes

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  • La Villa De Bellas Artes

    La Villa De Bellas Artes is a vendor mall located just east of the moongate in Luna. The proprietor is Lady Brosephine.

    Vendor Directory

    1. Solen Quest Items: Fully charged bags of sending, powder of translocation, and fully charged pet summoning balls.
    2. Full Spellbooks: Magery and Necromancy spellbooks, recall scrolls, and slayer spellbooks.
    3. Bone Machetes: For access to the Blighted Grove.
    4. Powerscrolls: 110 powerscrolls for beginners, 120 powerscrolls and +25 stat scrolls for more advanced players.
    5. BOD Rewards: Blacksmith & Tailor rewards.
    6. Colored Chests: Metal paragon chests, mostly looted from Miasma.
    7. Stone Furniture: Chairs, medium, and large tables in all ore colors. (Special orders by request.)
    8. Enhanced Bandages: Bandages that have been enhanced by a Fountain of Life, sold in a quantities of 500.
    9. Pretty Plants: Decorative plants and vines.
    10. Dyes & Supplies: Plant dyes in all colors; orange petals, red leaves, green thorns, poppies dust, and seeds of renewal.
    11. Rares, Events, Deco: A variety of rare and decorative items attained while adventuring in Ultima Online, as well as through special shard events.
    12. Repair Deeds: Blacksmith, tailor, tinker, fletcher, Carpentry, and Alchemy repair deeds... for the active adventurer!

    Vendor House 2.png

    Abyss Teleporters

    Just outside the main entrance, there are two house teleporters with direct access to the Abyss. One takes you to a house on the east side of the Abyss (homeowner Xtal) and the other takes you to a house on the west side of the Abyss (homeowner Noah.)

    Vendor House Abyss.png

    Moonstone Crystal

    In the front yard there is a Moonstone Crystal that will teleport you to many areas throughout Eodon.

    Vendor House Moonstone.png

    Inside the main entrance, you will also find a set of dye tubs available for public use, a small runic atlas library, and items that will teleport you to many desirable locations.

    Dye Tubs
    • Furniture Dye Tub
    • Runebook Dye Tub
    • Special Dye Tub
    • Leather Dye Tub
    • Black Dye Tub
    • Metallic Leather Dye Tub
    • Metallic Cloth Dye Tub
    • Metallic Dye Tub
    Runic Atlases
    • Trammel & Felucca Cities
    • Trammel & Felucca Dungeons
    • Trammel & Felucca Hunting
    • Trammel & Felucca Shrines
    • Trammel & Felucca Islands
    • Trammel & Felucca Lost Lands Passages
    • Trammel & Felucca Mage Shops, Alchemists, & Scribes
    • Trammel & Felucca Blacksmith & Tailor Shops
    • Trammel & Felucca Carpentry & Tinker Shops
    • Trammel & Felucca Solen Locations
    • Doom Locations & Stealables
    • Malas: Dungeons, Hunting, Cities, & Sites
    • Tokuno Islands: Homare Jima, Isamu Jima, & Makoto Jima
    • Ter Mur: Hunting, Useful Locations, Cities, & Sites
    • Fishing: Rare, Legendary, Dungeon, & Lava
    • Lady Brosephine's Tour of Homes
    (If you cannot find the location you need at my library, be sure to check out The Starlight Tower Rune-library for a much more extensive selection!)

    • Crystal Portal: Will teleport you to any bank. (Ex. Say "Britain Mint" or "Fel Moonglow Mint.")
    • Corrupted Crystal Portal: Will teleport you to any dungeon. (Ex. Say "Dungeon Destard" or "Fel Dungeon Despise.")
    • Serpent's Jawbone: Double click it and it will display several Ilshenar locations to which you can directly teleport.
    • A Void Pool Teleporter: Step onto the tile and it will teleport you directly to the Void Pool.
    • House Teleporter: Step onto the tile and it will teleport you to the guildhouse of ZEAL.
    Vendor House Supplies.png

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