UO Heritage

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    This professional shard is run by a few of the staff members of the ServUO emulator. A current UO clone that includes all the expansions. With slight quality of life changes to make the game more fun. We offer custom content as well in the form of Events and Festivals! You will also find past UO events active on Heritage!

    Newest content to include:
    - Full Enhanced Client and Classic Client support.
    - Full Time Of Legends and Endless Journey expansion support.
    - Taming Revamp.
    - Shadowguard.
    - Virtue vs Vice (VvV)(Newest UO PVP system)
    - Clean Up Britannia.
    - Town Loyalty / Governorship.
    - Skill Masteries.
    - Covetous Void pool encounter.
    - Shame Crystal and boss system.
    - High Seas.
    - Imbue / Reforge.
    - Castle Blackthorn Dungeon.
    - Limited custom content with a balanced economy.

    Dedicated Server - 24/7 99.9% uptime.