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    Blacksmithing - Tailoring - Tinkering - Carpentry - Cooking - Alchemy
    Inscription - Bowcraft/Fletching - Mining - Lumberjacking

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    One of the more interesting aspects of Ultima Online is you can become rich and famous (or infamous) without ever picking up a sword. UO has very deep and complex crafting systems. You can build a character with just crafting Skills, find yourself a good location for a house, plop down a shop and sell your goods to the masses with the vendoring system.

    If you want to get serious about crafting, I suggest 3 characters.. the 1st character would be your gatherer, the other two would be your crafters. Here is a run-down on the templates I use for my crafting addiction.

    Mining 100, Lumber-jacking 100, Fishing 100, Magery 100, Tinkering 100.
    Tinkering so you can make tools on the fly, and magery so you can recall & mark.

    Crafter #1:
    Tailoring 120, Smithy 120, Tinkering 100, Arms Lore 100, Carpentry 100, Magery 40 for recalling.
    Some carpentry items require other skills to make, for example.. a Loom requires Tailoring & Carpentry.. other skills you could add to this template would be, Musicianship paired with carpentry allows you to make instruments. Magery paired with Carpentry allows you to make Pentagrams & Abattoirs, and Imbuing paired with carpentry allows you to make a Soulforge. I tend to put these three skills on an alt, and soul-stone them over to my crafter when needed.

    Crafter #2:
    Cooking 100, Bowcraft/Fletching 100, Alchemy 100, Inscription 100 & Tinkering 100 (for making tools again)

    Once you have reached 100 Mining, you can buy books that allow you to mine quality stone, & harvest glass quality sand.. once you have reached 100 Carpentry you can buy a book that allows you to work stone to make all sorts of deco and stone armor for gargoyles. When you reach 100 alchemy you can buy a book that allows you to use the sand to make glass items, like Vials, Bottles, Lamps, and other decoration items.


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